02 6 / 2012

First, I just want to get it out there that I am and forever will be a NY Yankees fan. Second, I have to admit that yesterday was a great night for Mets fans, New York fans, and Baseball fans alike. Yesterday wasn’t about which New York team is better or any fan feuds. It was about a franchise finally making a personal victory that will forever be memorialized by generations of Mets fans.

History was made when Johan Santana and the rest of the Mets team worked cohesively to pull off the first ever no-hitter in Mets history. This victory could not have been made without the help of the infielders, outfielders, and catcher and the no-hitter belongs to the whole team. Everything was against the Mets, between Santana possibly being pulled off the mound in the 7th inning due to his recent arm surgery and multiple close-calls in the outfield and infield.   

Congratulations to the Mets. This is a well-deserved victory for the team and fans! June 1st 2012 will go down in history. 



29 5 / 2012

I know it seems I have abandoned my duties as pop culture blog writer, but that is not the case. I’ve just been enthralled with the sensation that is Fifty Shades of Grey. Once I am done with the book, there will be a review here so look out for that! The story has sucked me in, and has consumed my time completely. I apologize for any inconvenience. 

I know it seems I have abandoned my duties as pop culture blog writer, but that is not the case. I’ve just been enthralled with the sensation that is Fifty Shades of Grey. Once I am done with the book, there will be a review here so look out for that! The story has sucked me in, and has consumed my time completely. I apologize for any inconvenience. 

25 5 / 2012

As some of you may or may not know, I studied abroad, Spring 2011. I primarily studied in Spain, Italy, and France, but also traveled to Holland, Ireland, and England. Every other Friday instead of “Friday Favorites,” some of the best things in Europe will be detailed just in case you ever find yourself backpacking or touring through Europe. First stop: Spain!


Salamanca:  Two hours outside of Madrid is this small college town home to Salamanca University. It’s a prime spot for students studying abroad from all over the world. The town is full of history and fun to explore during the day, and at night it switches into a party haven full of bars and crazy nightlife. Do not bring more than 10 euro with you when going out. You will not need it. Here are popular, cheap bars to visit:

1) La Chupiteria (the shot): One euro shots. What more can you ask for? If you want a specialty shot, it’s a little more than a euro, but still affordable.

2) Cubic: A club with some of the best party music in the world and a free bottle of champagne!

3) The Irish Rover: You know that bar in town that all the college kids hang out in? Yeah, this is your European equivalent. You’ll find a lot of Americans mingling with people from all over the World. This is where EVERYONE hangs out especially on Mondays for Pong tournaments and on Wednesdays for Karaoke. Every Tuesday there is five euro open bar with Heineken and Sangria.

Good eats in Salamanca:

1) El Ave: Home to the best paella in town. Paella, if you don’t know, is a medley of rice and seafood and the most famous dish of Spain.

2) Café Valor: Home to the best Churros con chocolate, a popular dessert of fried dough and “hot chocolate.” The hot chocolate isn’t the same in Spain as it is in America. It’s super thick and great to dip the churros in.

3) Bambu: A hip underground tapas bar. Tapas are popular for relaxing and eating during the day. Usually you pay for a drink like beer or wine and get a dish of food for no extra cost.


La Alberca: An hour away from Salamanca is this adorable little town with a quaint European feel. There are bakeries, bars, and restaurants to replenish at after climbing the nearby mountain.


Madrid: A classy version of New York City full of the best museums in the World:

1) Museo Nacional del Prado: Old paintings, very old art and honestly I loved it. It’s the most famous museum in Europe, so that alone should tempt you to pay a visit.

2) Museo Reina Sofia: Contemporary art museum occupied with fascinating exhibits. One room had pictures of one person of every age from 1 to 100. In another room, there were newspaper covers from the day after 9/11 from all over the world.


Seville: A beautiful city with beautiful weather. The orange and palm trees give the Spanish city a feel of a tropical island. It is also home to what I believe is the most stunning Royal Palace in Europe:

1) The Royal Alcazar Palace: My favorite part of Seville! The garden’s exquisite ponds, palm trees, and peacocks transport you to exotic locales that seem to only exist in far away dreams. Okay, that’s cheesy, but totally true.  


Segovia: The aqueducts, palace, and narrow streets adorned with shops all make this town worthwhile to explore. A day here would be plenty of time to see all that you need to see. 

If you ever plan on going to Spain and need tips for travel, I’d be glad to help. Click where it says “Comments or questions?” at the top of this page and ask away.  

24 5 / 2012


(I’m next to Tommy, and Melora is next to Chuckie)

If you grew up in the 90s than Rugrats was probably your favorite TV show to watch before going to school in the morning. As I got older, I still watched it for as long as it was on TV.

The friendship between Chuckie and Tommy was a lot like my relationship with my best friend Melora. We’ve known each other since we were in diapers and we’re still friends! Chuckie was always my favorite character and that became even more so when I found out that he was a lefty just like me.

The other day, I was watching Rugrats on “The 90s are All That” and I could not believe how hysterical the show was. It was even funnier then when I used to watch in elementary school. Rugrats is a timeless show that I hope my kids will watch while growing up. 

22 5 / 2012


Bucket lists are fun to build, but so hard to uphold. We saw The Buried Life boys successfully cross some off on their own MTV show, and if they can do it why can’t we? My friend Stephanie (@Swaaalsh) gave me the idea for “To-do Tuesday” where I explain something that is on my bucket list and hopefully you become inspired to make your own.

I am a NY Rangers, Giants, Yankees, Knicks fan. A goal of mine is to go to an MLB, NHL, NBA, and NFL game. I‘ve already been to many NBA and NHL games, so I’m halfway to my goal! Let’s hope I can cross off this whole entry within the next two years. Challenge accepted!

21 5 / 2012

Try to listen to these songs without them getting stuck in your head. It’s difficult. 

The White Stripes- My Doorbell: Anything by The White Stripes is fun to listen to and this song is no exception. It constantly played on Fuse at a time when I wasn’t necessarily happy in my life and this song would always change my mood around. It’s catchy, and great to sing along to even when you’re in your room all alone.

Foo Fighters- Walk: Three things about this song: Epic live, relatable lyrics, and the music video. Otherwise, I don’t have anything else to say about it other than LISTEN TO IT.

Paper Tongues- Trinity: I don’t know much about Paper Tongues, but I hear they are a Christian band. To me, it seems the messages in their music, particularly this song, are meant to inspire hope and a good message that people from all religions can and should relate to. Also, it gets stuck in the head and never leaves.

Patent Pending- One Less Heart to Break: The message of this song is clear. Suicide is not the answer. The angle is that suicide affects the family and loved ones more than one can imagine. Speak up; get help if you’re depressed. The video is heartbreaking, and unfortunately very realistic. Patent Pending partnered with TWOHA for the music video.

Jimmy Eat World- The Middle: After years of going to many concerts and hearing different covers of “The Middle,” I finally got to hear the REAL Jimmy Eat World sing their uber popular song. No words for how awesome this song is live.   

21 5 / 2012

The Long Island band, Patent Pending won a battle of the bands to perform live on the Billboard Music Awards last night. I have to say, I am so proud of them. They have been making music for more than a decade and have been performing modest shows in basements and small clubs locally. They deserve every bit of recognition they get because of their hard work and passion for their fans.

Patent Pending doesn’t just make music that their fans can relate to, but they also have a bond with them. After a show, the band will hang out with everyone in attendance and take time to talk to everyone. They’ve been doing what they do for so long, because they love it and not because of the fame or money.

 On the show last night I watched Chris Brown’s performance and was disappointed in how much he lip-synched. Then, people went and praised him for his “performance.” To me, music isn’t just about the performance, it’s about getting up, having a good time and feeling a connection with the singer or band on stage. That is what I felt Patent Pending tried to do. They deserved to be on that stage maybe even more so than Chris Brown because they have compassion, modesty, and love for what they do beyond all the materialistic stuff. Watch the video for “One Less Heart to Break” and see why Long Island fans have supported this band for so long: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5xwfMY6ork&list=UUYYrdRso8ZaQhxke1vnfJmw&index=9&feature=plcp

18 5 / 2012

Buffy Rewatch: Joss Whedon (@Whedonesque) posted on twitter that a Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 1-3 fan Rewatch will take place all summer long. Every week anyone anywhere can watch three to four episodes of the show and discuss it using the twitter hashtag #Buffyrewatch . All info for dates and times can be found here: http://nowhitenoise.com/2012/05/buffy-summer-rewatch-schedule-it-all-begins-memorial-day-weekend/

100 Most Creative People in Business 2012: Fast Company compiled a list of the most innovative characters in health, science, entertainment, social media, and music. I spent the past two days reading about every single person and the inspiration that I feel is overwhelming.  A goal that everyone should strive for is being on this honorable list.  http://www.fastcompany.com/most-creative-people/2012

Bamboozle’s Twitter (@TheBamboozle): Festivals using twitter to promote and inform the public is not a new occurrence, however Bamboozle does it so conveniently. The past couple of days, I’ve been receiving useful information regarding travel, set-times, and what the setup of the stages would be like. If you’re heading out to the festival this weekend, be sure to get mobile notifications from their twitter. There will be traffic updates as well as updates from Asbury Park.

The New York Rangers: Ever since I was a little girl, I have been going to Ranger games at The Garden and have seen them win numerous games. The Rangers have been killing it all season long and now their tied 1-1 in the Stanley Cup Playoffs against the New Jersey Devils. This team is hot, and it’s time they get the support they deserve! Next game is Saturday May 19th 1pm EST.

Adoptapalooza in NYC: The Mayor’s Alliance of NYC’s Animals organizes a special event where families can meet and adopt cats and dogs right in the middle of Washington Square Park. The event takes place on Saturday May 19th from 11am-4pm. For information on activities and other specialties check out the website:  http://www.animalalliancenyc.org/events/featured/adoptapalooza/index.htm

17 5 / 2012

Throwback Thursday: Suggested by Nikki (@loves2shopmucho), every Thursday we’ll take a look back on something from the past. This week: Jay-Z/Linkin Park Collision Course

Does anyone actually remember this sweet collaboration? Recently, I was driving in my car like I do every day when this glorious mashup came on the radio. What a relief to hear something other than One Direction, The Wanted, and Katy Perry! This brought back memories of my love for Linkin Park and my temporary love for Jay-Z. This album was one of my favorite Christmas presents back in the day. Enjoy Numb/Encore and bask in the childhood memories. 

16 5 / 2012

Breaking Pointe premieres on the CW on May 31.

Finally there’s a show that highlights the hardships of ballet. When Black Swan premiered, audiences around the world were captivated with Natalie Portman’s performance as a ballerina pushed to insanity. The movie showed the dark side of a skill that is beautiful and graceful.  

Ballet seems simple, however, ballerinas strive for perfection that is almost impossible to achieve in the dance world. They will push themselves to their “breaking point” in order to achieve perfection. It’s competitive, challenging, and can cause serious harm to the body. Ballet is not for the faint of heart or mind.

I have high hopes for this series to portray ballet in a realistic light, so people can see how hard ballerinas push themselves to be the best.